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Prevent SEO issues and ensure a smooth user experience with IMGPANDA's www Redirect Checker. Easily check your website's redirects from non-www to www or vice versa and ensure they are functioning correctly. Try it now!

Welcome to Imgpanda’s WWW Redirect Checker Tool

If you want to maintain the working or your website then you are at the right place. Imgpanda launched a tool  WWW Redirect Checker which is a web-based application that checks whether a website is correctly redirecting users from the “www” version of the domain to the non- ” www” version, or vice versa.

When a user enters a URL in their browser, the server that hosts the website may respond with a 301 or 302 HTTP redirect to direct the user to the correct version of the website. If this redirect is not correctly configured, it can result in issues such as duplicate content, lower search engine rankings, and poor user experience.

WWW Redirect Checker Tool helps website owners and webmasters identify whether their website is correctly configured to redirect users to the correct version of their website. Users simply enter their website URL into the tool, and it will indicate whether the website is correctly configured, and provide recommendations on how to fix any issues.

Why Do we use this tool?

A WWW redirects checker tool is used to check if a website is properly redirecting traffic from the non-www version of the website to the www version, or vice versa.

There are a few reasons why someone might want to use a WWW redirect checker tool:

User Experience

Consistency in website URLs can help with user experience. Visitors may not always remember to type the www prefix when visiting a website, and they may end up on a non-existent or competitor’s website if the redirect is not in place.


From an SEO perspective, it’s important to ensure that all traffic is being directed to a single version of a website (either with or without the www prefix). This avoids splitting the link equity and potentially causing duplicate content issues. Search engines like Google may penalize sites that have multiple versions of the same content.


Without a proper redirect in place, website analytics data may be split between the two versions of the website, making it difficult to get an accurate view of site performance.

How to use this tool?

You can easily use this tool. This tool is developed for everyone. Skill people or non-skill people can use this tool easily. Here are some steps that make use of this tool very easy and simple.

Here are the steps;

  • Visit Imgpanda website
  • Click on the SEO Tools
  • Click on the WWW Redirect Checker Tool
  • Copy the link of the website that you want to check
  • Paste it into the input section of the tool
  • Click on the Submit Button

Here are the results that you can get without paying or wasting time anywhere else.

Main Features

Key Features of IMGPANDA's www Redirect Checker

Accurate Redirect Checking

The tool quickly and accurately checks website redirects from non-www to www or vice versa.

SEO Optimization

Helps to prevent potential SEO issues by ensuring that all traffic is directed to a single version of the website.

Improved User Experience

Provides consistency in website URLs for a smoother and more streamlined user experience.

Multiple URL Checking

Offers the ability to check multiple URLs at once, saving time and improving efficiency.

Easy-to-Use Interface

The tool has an easy-to-use interface, with results displayed in seconds for quick analysis.

Free and Accessible

The tool is completely free to use, with no sign-up or downloads required, and is compatible with all major web browsers and devices.