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Discover the IP address of any domain with IMGPANDA's Domain into IP tool. Find out where a website is hosted with just one click.

Welcome to Imgpanda’s Domain Into IP Tool

A Domain into IP tool is a tool that helps to convert a domain name into an IP address. Every website on the internet has an IP address, which is a unique numerical identifier assigned to the server that hosts the website. To make this job easier Imgpanda launched a Domain Into IP too. However, it is easier for humans to remember domain names like than IP addresses like

Using Imgpanda’s Domain into IP tool, you can enter a domain name, and the tool will provide you with the IP address associated with that domain name. This information can be useful in various situations, such as when troubleshooting website connectivity issues, checking website location or setting up DNS records.

There is much Domain into IP tools available online but the Imgpanda tool, and that is typically easy to use and free.

Why Do We Use This Tool?

Due to many reasons, you can use this tool but here are a few reasons why someone might want to use a Domain Into IP Tool. It may increase the knowledge about this tool


If a website isn’t loading, one of the first steps in troubleshooting is to determine whether the problem is with the domain name or the IP address. By using a Domain Into IP tool on Imgpanda, you can quickly check whether the domain is resolving to the correct IP address.


It’s important to know the IP address of a website, particularly if you suspect it may be a phishing site or other type of malicious website. You can quickly check whether the IP address matches the expected address for the domain.

Website analytics

Some website analytics tools use IP addresses to track visitors to a site. By using a Domain Into IP tool, you can see which IP addresses are accessing your site, which can be useful for identifying trends or potential security issues.g

How Domain into IP Tool Works?

Imgpanda’s smart Domain Into IP tool works according to a Domain Name System (DNS) lookup to retrieve the IP address associated with a particular domain name.

It works in such a way;

When a user inputs the domain name on Imgpanda’s tool, the user wants to look up the IP address. For example, they might input “”.The tool sends a DNS request to a DNS server, asking for the IP address associated with the domain name. The DNS server responsible for the domain responds with the IP address.
The tool receives the IP address and displays it to the user. For example, it might display “The IP address of is 566.112.1.48”.

In more technical terms, the DNS resolution process involves the tool sending a query to a recursive DNS resolver, which then iteratively queries authoritative DNS servers until it receives the IP address for the requested domain. The resolver then caches the result for a period of time, so subsequent requests for the same domain can be answered more quickly.

How to use this tool on Imgpanda?

You can use this tool easily. It is very simple and easy to use for everyone. If you want to make your job simple here that can help you understand the working of this then here are some steps that can help you and leads to the best results for searches 

Here are the steps;

    • Visit Imgpanda website
    • Click on the SEO Tools
    • Click on the Domain Into IP Tool
    • Copy your domain name or that you want to check
    • Paste it into the input section of the tool
    • Click on the Submit Button

Here are the results. You can check them and analyze them according to your needs.

Main Features

Find Where Your Website is Hosted: Key Features of IMGPANDA's Domain into IP Tool

IP Address Resolution

The tool quickly resolves a domain name into its corresponding IP address, which can be useful for troubleshooting website issues or verifying website security.

Reverse IP Lookup

The tool can perform a reverse IP lookup, allowing you to identify all the domains that are hosted on a specific IP address, which can be useful for identifying potential security threats or competitors in your industry.

Geolocation Information

The tool provides geolocation information for an IP address, such as the country, city, and region, which can be useful for targeted marketing or determining website traffic sources.

Website Analytics Insights

The tool can be used to track website visitors based on their IP addresses, providing valuable insights into website traffic and user behaviour.

Multiple Lookup Options

The tool offers multiple lookup options, including bulk lookup and API integration, making it easy to integrate into your workflow or conduct a large number of lookups quickly and efficiently.

Secure and Reliable

The tool is secure and reliable, with strict data privacy policies and regular updates to ensure accurate and up-to-date information.