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Best Black Twitter Accounts to Follow in 2023


Black Twitter has become a powerful force in shaping online conversations, cultural trends, and social activism. In 2023, it's more important than ever to diversify our social media feeds and amplify the voices of Black creators, thought leaders, activists, and comedians.

By following Black Twitter accounts, we gain access to diverse perspectives, insightful commentary, and a vibrant community that challenges societal norms. In this blog post, we will introduce you to some of the best Black Twitter accounts to follow in 2023, spanning social activism, comedy, cultural criticism, entrepreneurship, and thought leadership. Get ready to enrich your Twitter experience and broaden your horizons.

Best Black Twitter Accounts

Here are the best Black Twitter accounts to follow in 2023

1. @MsPackyetti - The Social Activist

A profile image of the twitter account of yung auntie (she/her)

Brief description: Brittany Packnett Cunningham, popularly known as @MsPackyetti, is a dynamic and influential social activist who uses her platform to advocate for racial equality, LGBTQ+ rights, and intersectional feminism. With a powerful voice and a commitment to justice, she engages her followers in critical conversations and mobilizes them to take action.

Why follow: Following @MsPackyetti on Twitter allows you to stay updated on the latest developments in social justice movements and be part of meaningful discussions surrounding important issues.

Here's why you should hit that follow button:

  1. Insightful Analysis: @MsPackyetti offers insightful analysis of various aspects of social justice, including systemic racism, police brutality, and educational equity. Her tweets delve deep into the root causes of these issues, providing a nuanced understanding that challenges conventional narratives.
  2. Intersectional Advocacy: With a focus on intersectionality, @MsPackyetti emphasizes the importance of recognizing and addressing the interconnectedness of different forms of oppression. She highlights the experiences and struggles of marginalized communities, centring the voices of Black women and LGBTQ+ individuals.
  3. Mobilization and Activism: @MsPackyetti is known for her ability to mobilize and inspire her followers to take action. She provides resources, organizes campaigns, and amplifies grassroots movements, encouraging her audience to actively participate in creating meaningful change.
  4. Thought Leadership: As a thought leader, @MsPackyetti challenges prevailing narratives and offers alternative perspectives. She encourages critical thinking, pushing her followers to question societal norms and imagine a more just and equitable future.
  5. Collaborations and Influence: @MsPackyetti's influence extends beyond Twitter. She collaborates with organizations and individuals to effect change on a broader scale. Her involvement in initiatives such as Campaign Zero and the Black Lives Matter movement showcases her dedication to making a tangible impact.

By following @MsPackyetti, you will gain access to a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, and resources to support your own journey in becoming an informed and engaged advocate for social justice. Her tweets will keep you informed, motivated, and connected to a broader movement for equality and liberation. Join the conversation and contribute to a more inclusive and equitable world by following @MsPackyetti on Twitter.

2. @jemelehill - The Comedian:

A profile image of the twitter account of Jemele Hill

Introduction: @jemelehill is a prominent Black comedian known for their ability to entertain and provoke thought through their hilarious and thought-provoking tweets. With a substantial following on Twitter, they have become a respected voice in the world of comedy, attracting a diverse audience with their unique comedic style.

Ability to Tackle Social Issues: One of the standout qualities of @jemelehill is their skill in addressing social issues through humour. They have a remarkable ability to navigate sensitive topics and offer insightful commentary that sparks meaningful conversations. By infusing comedy into their tweets, they break down barriers and invite their followers to consider important issues in a more approachable and engaging manner. Their comedic approach serves as a powerful tool to challenge societal norms, dismantle stereotypes, and shed light on the realities faced by marginalized communities.

Wit and Comedic Talent:

@jemelehill's tweets are characterized by their sharp wit and clever observations. They have a knack for finding humour in everyday situations, as well as in larger societal phenomena. Their comedic talent lies in their ability to create concise and punchy jokes that resonate with their audience. Their tweets often strike a balance between lighthearted humour and thought-provoking insights, leaving readers both amused and encouraged to reflect on deeper issues.

Memorable Tweets and Viral Moments: @jemelehill has had numerous memorable tweets and viral moments that have solidified their comedic prowess. For example, they might have crafted a clever one-liner that perfectly captures a current event or offered a satirical take on a trending topic. These tweets gain significant traction, spreading across social media platforms and garnering widespread attention. Such moments serve as a testament to their comedic talent and ability to connect with a broad audience.

Collaborations, Performances, and Appearances: Due to their comedic brilliance, @jemelehill has had the opportunity to collaborate with other comedians, participate in comedy shows or podcasts, and make guest appearances on television programs or popular podcasts. These ventures further establish their comedic profile and allow them to showcase their talent to a wider audience. Collaborations and performances provide them with platforms to expand their reach and share their unique comedic voice with fans and newcomers alike.

Following @jemelehill on Twitter promises a consistent stream of laughter, clever insights, and thought-provoking humour. Their ability to tackle social issues while keeping the audience entertained makes them an essential follow for comedy enthusiasts and those seeking a refreshing approach to social commentary. Prepare to be entertained, challenged, and inspired by @jemelehill's comedic genius as they continue to push boundaries and use humour to provoke important conversations.

3. @drboycewatkins1 - The Cultural Critic:

A profile image of the twitter account of Boyce Watkins, PhD - Wealth is Power

Introduction: @drboycewatkins1 is a highly respected cultural critic whose insightful commentary offers a fresh and nuanced perspective on movies, TV shows, music, and fashion from a Black lens. With their in-depth understanding of popular culture, they provide thought-provoking analyses that challenge prevailing narratives, encourage critical thinking, and expand our understanding of the media landscape.

Nuanced Cultural Commentary: @drboycewatkins1's cultural commentary goes beyond surface-level observations. They delve deep into the underlying themes, symbolism, and cultural significance present in movies, TV shows, music, and fashion. Their analyses provide a comprehensive examination of the media we consume, highlighting the sociopolitical implications and the ways in which these forms of expression shape our collective consciousness.

Black Perspective: What sets @drboycewatkins1 apart is their commitment to offering a Black perspective on popular culture. Their insights shed light on the experiences, representations, and struggles of the Black community within the media landscape. By centring on Black voices, they challenge industry norms, advocate for greater diversity and inclusivity, and prompt important discussions surrounding representation and social justice.

Critical Engagement:

@drboycewatkins1 invites their followers to critically engage with popular culture. They encourage questioning prevailing norms, challenging problematic portrayals, and examining the power dynamics and inequalities within the industry. Through their commentary, they inspire their audience to become more discerning consumers of media, pushing for greater accountability and cultural change.

The following tweet is from Dr Boyce Watkins.

Intersectionality: Recognizing the intersectionality of culture, @drboycewatkins1 explores how race, gender, and other identities intersect within popular culture. Their analyses consider the experiences of marginalized communities and highlight the need for intersectional representation in media. By bringing attention to these intersections, they foster a more inclusive understanding of cultural production and consumption.

Broad Scope: @drboycewatkins1 covers a wide range of cultural topics, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of popular culture. From mainstream blockbusters to independent films, popular TV shows to emerging artists, and global fashion trends to subcultural movements, their commentary spans diverse aspects of the cultural landscape. This broad scope allows followers to gain a well-rounded understanding of the ever-evolving world of media and its impact on society.

By following @drboycewatkins1 on Twitter, you open yourself up to thought-provoking cultural analyses that challenge conventional narratives and expand your understanding of popular culture. Their insights will deepen your appreciation for the complexities of media representation and inspire you to engage critically with the media you consume. Prepare to be enlightened, educated, and empowered by following @drboycewatkins1 and embarking on a journey of cultural exploration.

4. @ArlanWasHere - The Entrepreneur:

A profile image of the twitter account of Arlan

Brief description: @ArlanWasHere is a highly successful Black entrepreneur who uses their platform to share business insights and empower aspiring entrepreneurs. With a wealth of experience and expertise, they provide valuable advice and inspiration to individuals looking to make their mark in the business world.

Why follow: Following @ArlanWasHere on Twitter offers numerous benefits for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Here's why you should hit that follow button:

  1. Business Insights: @ArlanWasHere shares invaluable business insights gained from their own entrepreneurial journey. Their tweets provide a behind-the-scenes look at the challenges, strategies, and triumphs of building a successful business. By following them, you can gain access to a wealth of knowledge and learn from their experiences.
  2. Expertise and Experience: As a successful entrepreneur, @ArlanWasHere possesses a deep understanding of various aspects of business, including funding, marketing, strategy, and scaling. Their expertise and experience translate into valuable advice and practical tips that can help you navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship.
  3. Empowerment and Motivation: @ArlanWasHere is dedicated to empowering aspiring entrepreneurs. Through their tweets, they inspire and motivate individuals to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. Their stories of resilience and determination serve as a reminder that success is attainable with hard work, perseverance, and a strong entrepreneurial mindset.
  4. Networking Opportunities: By following @ArlanWasHere, you gain access to a network of like-minded individuals who share a passion for entrepreneurship. Engaging with their tweets and connecting with their followers opens doors to valuable networking opportunities, collaboration prospects, and a supportive community of entrepreneurs.
  5. Diversity and Representation: As a Black entrepreneur, @ArlanWasHere brings a much-needed perspective to the business world. By following them, you contribute to amplifying diverse voices and promoting inclusivity within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

By following @ArlanWasHere on Twitter, you can tap into a wealth of knowledge, receive valuable advice, and stay inspired on your entrepreneurial journey. Their insights, expertise, and commitment to empowerment make them a must-follow account for aspiring entrepreneurs. Join the community, learn from their experiences, and chart your path to entrepreneurial success with @ArlanWasHere by your side.

5. @marclamonthill - The Thought Leader:

A profile image of the twitter account of Marc Lamont Hill

Brief description: @marclamonthill is a prominent Black thought leader who brings his expertise and insights to address a wide range of topics including race, identity, social issues, and personal development. With his thought-provoking perspectives and intellectual approach, he invites followers to engage in meaningful discussions and challenge conventional thinking.

Why follow: Following @marclamonthill on Twitter offers a multitude of reasons to enrich your intellectual journey and personal growth.

Here's why you should hit that follow button:

  1. Intellectual Discourse: @marclamonthill fosters an environment for intellectual discourse. His tweets delve into complex topics, encouraging critical thinking and engaging followers in insightful conversations. By following him, you can actively participate in thought-provoking discussions and expand your knowledge on various subjects.
  2. Challenging Conventional Thinking: @marclamonthill challenges prevailing narratives and encourages his followers to question established norms. His perspectives offer alternative viewpoints that promote a deeper understanding of social issues, race, and identity. Following him provides an opportunity to challenge your own beliefs, broaden your perspective, and gain new insights.
  3. Social Issues and Activism: @marclamonthill's expertise lies in addressing social issues and advocating for change. His tweets shed light on systemic inequalities, social justice movements, and the importance of activism. By following him, you can stay informed about pressing social issues and gain inspiration to take action and contribute to positive change.
  4. Personal Development: @marclamonthill shares insights and wisdom for personal growth and development. His tweets often touch upon topics such as self-reflection, resilience, and self-improvement. Following him allows you to receive guidance and inspiration for your own journey of personal growth and transformation.
  5. Representation and Empowerment: As a prominent Black thought leader, @marclamonthill amplifies diverse voices and brings attention to the experiences of marginalized communities. By following him, you actively contribute to promoting representation and empowering underrepresented voices in intellectual spaces.

By following @marclamonthill on Twitter, you open yourself up to engaging in intellectual discourse, challenging conventional thinking, and gaining inspiration for personal growth. His thought-provoking perspectives and commitment to addressing social issues make him a valuable account to follow. Prepare to broaden your horizons, explore new ideas, and be motivated to make a positive impact by joining the intellectual journey with @marclamonthill as your guide.

"The video below is about Marc Lamont Hill's debates with Black conservatives."


Q no.1: How can I follow these Twitter accounts?
A: To follow these Twitter accounts, you can visit the Twitter website or use the Twitter mobile application. Simply search for the username mentioned in the blog post, and once you find the desired account, click the "Follow" button to start following their tweets and updates.

Q no.2: Are these Twitter accounts exclusively for Black individuals or can anyone follow them?
A: These Twitter accounts can be followed by anyone who is interested in the content they share. While the focus may be on issues relevant to the Black community or perspectives from a Black lens, their insights, humour, cultural commentary, and entrepreneurial advice can be appreciated and enjoyed by people of all backgrounds.

Q no.3: Can I engage in conversations with these Twitter accounts?
A: Yes, you can engage in conversations with these Twitter accounts by replying to their tweets, mentioning their usernames, or using relevant hashtags they may use. However, keep in mind that these accounts may have a large following and may receive a high volume of interactions, so it's not guaranteed that they will respond to every message. Nonetheless, participating in discussions and sharing your thoughts can still be a valuable way to connect with others who follow these accounts.

Q no.4: Are there any other notable Twitter accounts to follow for Black voices or cultural commentary?
A: Yes, there are many notable Twitter accounts that focus on Black voices, cultural commentary, and various social issues. Some other accounts you might consider following include @IamGMJohnson, @ReignOfApril, @deray, @ava, and @rgay. These accounts, among others, offer diverse perspectives, thought-provoking insights, and engagement with important topics.

Q no.5: Can I suggest additional Twitter accounts to be included in the list?
A: While the blog post may have a specific list of Twitter accounts, it's always great to discover and share new voices. If you have any suggestions for notable Black Twitter accounts that offer valuable content, cultural commentary, or entrepreneurial insights, feel free to mention them in the comments section of the blog post or share them on social media platforms. This allows others to discover and follow those accounts as well.


In conclusion, these best Black Twitter accounts offer a diverse range of perspectives, insights, and inspiration. From passionate social activism to thought-provoking cultural commentary, hilarious comedy, entrepreneurial expertise, and intellectual discourse, each account brings something unique to the platform.

By following these accounts, you can stay informed, engaged, and empowered while gaining a deeper understanding of important social issues, expanding your cultural horizons, and receiving valuable advice for personal and professional growth. Embrace the opportunity to connect with these influential voices, challenge your own thinking, and contribute to a more inclusive and enlightened Twitter community in 2023.

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