Frequently Asked Questions

What can I find on IMGPANDA's Free Templates page?

IMGPANDA offers a diverse collection of free graphic resources, including 3D models, fonts, PSD templates, and vector templates.

Are these resources truly free to use for any project?

Yes, all resources provided on IMGPANDA's Free Templates page are completely free for use in your creative projects.

How diverse is the range of 3D models available on IMGPANDA?

IMGPANDA's 3D models cover a wide spectrum, ranging from architectural designs to characters, ensuring a diverse pool for various project needs.

Can I access fonts suitable for commercial use on IMGPANDA?

Absolutely, the platform offers an array of fonts, catering to both personal and commercial project needs.

In what formats are the PSD templates available?

PSD templates are available in a variety of formats, ensuring compatibility with different design software and easy integration into your projects.

Are the vector templates customizable for specific design needs?

Yes, the vector templates provided by IMGPANDA are highly customizable, enabling you to tailor them to fit your design requirements.

How often are new resources added to IMGPANDA's Free Templates?

IMGPANDA frequently updates its collection, adding new resources regularly to ensure a fresh pool of creative elements.

Do I need an account or subscription to access these free resources?

No, all resources on the Free Templates page are available without the need for an account or subscription, allowing easy access for all users.